Coaching with Mary - Three - 60 minute sessions

Coaching with Mary - Three - 60 minute sessions

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Are you a Pastor's Wife?

It is such a unique and challenging role that can sometimes be overwhelming and lonely. It is my burning desire to encourage you and help you learn to celebrate God's call on your life, to abandon yourself to His plan, and to embrace His purpose in a fresh, new way.

Are you a Women's Ministry Director?

Do you need direction for your ministry and wisdom in your leadership role? I have been where you are and have grown a women's ministry from the ground up. I would love to share with you the invaluable lessons I have learned along the way.

Do you want to speak or write?

I never dreamed I would be a published author. But God allowed me to go through some unusual experiences that gave me a story to tell. He then helped me learn how to share that story in a way that changes lives. I want to help you do the same thing!

Do you need encouragement?

Do you need encouragement from someone who has been where you are? I have experienced a lot of pain and loss including clinical depression, infertility, the death of my parents, sexual abuse, the stress of ministry...the list is endless. I want to encourage you and give you some practical tools to help you navigate the tough waters of your daily life.

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