"Chair Time" and "How To Study The Bible" Bundle

"Chair Time" and "How To Study The Bible" Bundle

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Chair Time

A simple, life-changing way to pray.

Everyone prays in a crisis.
When the house is on fire, the kids are driving you nuts, the job is in jeopardy, the health challenge is serious, the finances are failing – it is amazing how even the ungodly will turn their attention heavenward and pray. As a pastor, I have friends who claim to be non-believers who will still call me and ask me to pray when trouble comes their way. The old saying is correct: there are no atheists in fox holes. When our lives are threatened, we pray. 

But is that all prayer is?
Is talking with God only for desperate people in desperate moments?
We have all said prayers that go something like this: “God – it’s me – I know it’s been a while – but I need your help – if you will come through for me, I will …”
Is that all there is to prayer?
Or is there more?”

We have over-complicated prayer! In its purest form, it is talking with and listening to God. Most of us have the talking part down. The listening part – not so much!

Chairtime is the story of how I am learning to listen to God. It is a simple story of a simple man learning a life changing truth. God wants to speak to us! He will if we get in the chair!

Author: Dan Southerland

How To Study The Bible

So many women have told me that they really want to study the Bible, but they just don't know how. I want to help you learn how to read, understand, and apply the truths of God. The Word of God is our blueprint for life. If we want to discover and live out God’s plan, we must know the Word of God. It is our life compass. The good news is that more than we want to understand the Bible, God wants us to understand the Bible. How To Study The Bible is a simple and effective way to study, meditate on, memorize, and plug the Word of God into your life. It will guide you in a step-by-step way to get God's Word into your life. 

Author: Mary Southerland